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Knee & Hip Center

The Knee & Hip Center uses a variety of surgical and nonsurgical methods to provide care and treatment for knees and hips, including treatment for arthritis.

Many of our patients come to us suffering from knee or hip pain related to arthritis. Others may be experiencing trauma caused by a sports injury or general aging. Our specialists routinely deal with knee ligament injuries, kneecap (patella) disorders, meniscus (cartilage) injury and hip bursitis, and many of these conditions can be effectively treated with non-surgical procedures and therapies.

When surgery is called for, procedures are performed at OSMC's state-of-the-art Outpatient Surgery Center or at the Regional Center for Joint Replacement, located at Elkhart General Hospital. Developed by OSMC physicians, this Center, one of the first of its kind in the country, employs innovative techniques, such as group exercises, to facilitate patient care and recovery following joint replacement.

To learn about the latest techniques in advanced knee and hip replacement procedures offered at OSMC, please click any of these links:

A New Approach to Hip Replacement Surgery

Recent developments in both the surgical technique as well as the prosthesis hardware have created an “anterior” (through the front) surgical approach that could be beneficial for some patients.

Is It Time for a New Hip?

Article includes conditions and symptoms that suggest that it may be time to joint the 300,000 Americans who have hip replacement surgery each year.

A hip replacement procedure? More like a hip creation procedure.

This remarkable procedure, performed by Orthopedic Surgeon Mark Klaassen, MD, led patient Jaime Santiago to say, "For the first time in my life, I know what normal feels like."

Bad knee? A Partial Replacement may be the Total Solution.

Some patients with severe knee problems may not need a TOTAL knee replacement.

Zapping Tendonitis

Article discusses a procedure that relieves the chronic pain associated with tendonitis. The technique utilizes ultrasonic energy to break down and remove the damaged tissue.

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