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OSMC’s “closed” MRI system provides superior images

Magnetic Resonance Imaging creates images of the patients tissue based on the reaction between the tissue and the magnetic field generated by the equipment. The stronger the magnets, the better the images that reveal the distinction between normal and abnormal tissue. That's why OSMC uses "closed" MRI technology — a system that creates a stronger magnetic field than "open" systems, and results in clearer, more accurate images. Closed MRI scanners typically scan patients faster than open scanners, and the superior quality of the images is particularly important in viewing smaller parts of the anatomy.

Your insurance company may advise you of a cost differential between open and closed MRI scanners, but it's important that you discuss with your doctor which type of scan is best suited to your particular examination. It is the preference of OSMC physicians that MRIs be done in a closed scanner, and we have the equipment and staff necessary to perform these exams. Should you choose to have your scan performed by an outside provider, please speak with our scheduler for information on area facilities that offer the closed MRI system we recommend.

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