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Pain Management Center

Doctors at The Pain Management Center at OSMC treat patients with acute and chronic pain arising from surgery, trauma, disease, cancer, neurological problems as well as orthopedic-related conditions.

Pain management specialists

Board certifications, years of experience and cutting-edge techniques offered by OSMC's pain management staff make our program unique in the Michiana area. Our physicians are specialists in anesthesiology as well as pain management, and are certified by the American Board of Anesthesia and the American Board of Pain Management.

Types of treatment

OSMC's pain management specialists treat chronic pain arising from various conditions including spinal pain, arthritis, cancer, head injuries, and headaches originating from the cervical spine. They also care for patients with acute pain as a result of traumatic injury or after surgical procedures. Treatment methods include rehabilitative therapy, medication, and a spectrum of procedural interventions including subcutaneous and epidural injections, intravenous medication, spinal cord stimulators and pain blockers targeted to specific pain generators.

Treatment methods

Treatment methods include physical or occupational therapy as well as medications and physical interventions. These interventions include oral medications, subcutaneous medicine, intravenous medicine, epidural medicine, spinal cord stimulators and pain blockers targeted to specific parts of the body.

To learn more about the pain management treatments listed above, visit, visit our Interactive Education library where you’ll find informative videos on a wide range of orthopedic procedures and techniques.

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