Hand Therapy

Conditions related to the hand, wrist and elbow are often the result of trauma, work-related injuries and overuse syndromes. OSMC’s Hand Therapy Department is staffed with Certified Hand Therapists who have achieved the highest accreditation in hand therapy from the American Society of Hand Therapists. The staff also includes Occupational Therapists and assistants who provide our patients with a range of progressive therapeutic techniques including modalities, exercise, manual therapy and job simulation to help restore range of motion, flexibility, strength and function.

Through aggressive hand therapy rehabiltation, OSMC Therapy Center therapists often can treat workplace injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, sometimes eliminating the need for surgery. Conditions such as hand stiffness and arthritis pain are also often remedied through effective therapy, and for serious injuries, treatments such as dynamic splinting provide efficient healing to complement nature’s own “timetable” for recovery. Both custom and off-the-shelf braces and splints are available as needed.


Certain conditions affecting the hand, wrist, elbow or shoulder may require specific surgical or non-surgical treatment that can be provided through the OSMC Hand Institute.


David Cutcliffe, MD
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Locations: Elkhart, Nappanee

David Pope, MD
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Locations: Elkhart, Goshen

Mark Schramm, MD
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon


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