Joint Surgery

OSMC is widely regarded as the leading orthopedic practice in the region, in part because of our work in the area of total joint replacement surgery on the knee, hip and shoulder. Many of our patients come to us suffering from joint pain related to arthritis. Others are experiencing trauma caused by a sports injury or general aging. 

Clearly, joint replacement surgery is a major procedure, but advances in technology and technique have made it a safe and effective option for adults who might otherwise be facing a lifetime of restricted activity and unbearable pain. The procedure has been performed in the U.S. for more than 50 years. In the past year OSMC helped hundreds of Michiana residents return to normal everyday activity thanks to a new joint.

A joint by definition involves two main parts – a ball and a socket. Joint replacement surgery generally involves removing the ball portion of the joint as well as the damaged surface of the matching socket. These parts are replaced with man-made implants that restore fluid, pain-free movement to the joint.

Depending on the patient’s condition, joint replacement surgery can be performed on an in-patient or outpatient basis. In either case, the patient is generally up and about within hours of the surgery and headed home either that same day or the next. Full recovery normally takes six to twelve weeks, depending on the extent of the surgery, the overall health of the patient and the success of the rehabilitation.

Here are some of the conditions that may signal that it’s time to consider joint replacement:

  • Joint pain is severe enough that it significantly limits or prevents everyday activities.
  • Pain continues even while resting or sleeping.
  • The joint is so stiff that it’s difficult to move or lift the leg or arm.
  • Relief from anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy, walking support is insufficient.


David Cutcliffe, MD
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Locations: Elkhart, Nappanee

David Pope, MD
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon

Locations: Elkhart, Goshen

Mark Schramm, MD
Orthopedic Hand Surgeon


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