Day of Surgery


THE DAY of SURGERY CHECKING IN ~ Please check-in on time at the main desk of the surgery center, at your designated arrival time for your procedure, to help avoid delays.

1. The night before or day of surgery, take a shower (or tub bath) and wash your hair.

2. Wear loose fitting, comfortable clothes. If you have arm or shoulder surgery, wear a button-up shirt with large sleeves. If you have leg surgery, wear sweatpants. Wear flat shoes.

3. Do not wear or bring any jewelry, metal barrettes or hairpins. This includes your wedding ring. Remove jewelry from piercings at home. You may wear soft, non-metal hair ties. Do not wear makeup, cologne/perfume or fingernail polish. Your caregivers need to see your skin to check your blood circulation.

4. Do not smoke or use chewing tobacco. Do not drink alcohol or take illegal drugs.

5. Bring your photo identification (ID) and completed paperwork. Bring a form of payment and your insurance card. Leave your jewelry, valuables and all other money at home. If you have an advance directive, bring a copy with you.

6. If you have been given a walker or cane or any other special equipment with instructions to bring the day of surgery, please do so. Do not bring your cold therapy device with you. Your doctor may prescribe equipment for you to use after surgery, such as an arm sling or post-op shoe. Medicare does not usually cover the cost of this equipment. The usual price range of this equipment is $15 to $24. There is a discount if you pay for this equipment the same day you receive it. Bring a form of payment with you to take advantage of this discount.

7. If you take insulin or use an inhaler, bring these medicines with you. If you have sleep apnea, bring your CPAP machine with you. If you wear contact lenses, bring your case and solution with you. You may need to remove your contact lenses.

8. You may bring headphones and soothing music to listen to while you wait for surgery. Please remove headphones and put music or other distractions away when the doctor or nurse comes to talk with you.

9. When you are awake, a friend or family member can wait with you in recovery until it is safe for you to go home. When you are alert, a nurse will explain the after-care instructions to you and your friend or family member.

10. Do not drive a car, operate equipment or drink alcohol for 24 hours after surgery. Do not make important decisions or sign legal documents until you recover.

11. Do not go back to regular activities such as work and exercise until your doctor says it is OK. Ask your doctor for a work status slip the day of surgery and at every follow- appointment. We require work status forms to complete disability or medical leave paperwork.

12. A nurse will call to check on you the day after surgery (or Monday for Friday surgery). Please call us if you have a question or need help. Call (574) 266-4173 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. After hours, call the answering service at 1-877-713-3731. If you have an emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

13. For pain medication refills, call (574) 264-0791 between 8:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Please allow 2 (two) business days for processing.

PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS: Make sure to fill any prescriptions your surgeon gave you prior to your day of surgery so you can begin using them once you get home. Some prescriptions cannot be given prior to the day of surgery so you will need to go to the pharmacy to get those right after your surgery.

CELL PHONES: You will only be allowed to have access to your cell phone while in the preoperative area. Recording video or taking photos of any kind is prohibited. Ear buds/headphones must be used to listen to music for relaxation prior to surgery.

DENTURES, GLASSES AND HEARING AIDS: These may have to be removed prior to surgery. Please, do not wear contact lenses the day of surgery. Since these personal items can easily be misplaced, please keep them in appropriate cases or containers or give them to the person escorting you. If requested, your nurse can provide special denture cups.

MEET YOUR CARE TEAM: You will be taken care of by a team of providers during your time with us. Your team will consist of your surgeon, an anesthesia provider, nurses and techs/aides. They will all work together with you to ensure you understand what will happen and the expectations of everyone involved – including you. Please ask them any questions you have at any time. Your Orthopedic Surgeon is a Board Certified or Board Eligible Orthopedic Surgeon who will perform your surgery and oversee your care.

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