Work Injury Center

The Work Injury Care Center provides specialized care for workplace injuries so employees can get back to the job faster.

Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with case managers, employers, adjustors, and referring physicians to provide work-related injury care tailored to meet the needs of the patient as well as the employer. Our care begins with an initial physician consultation and may include a course of treatment including rehabilitative therapy, medication, or bracing as needed. OSMC’s primary objective is to ensure that appropriate, cost-effective care is provided in order that each injured worker returns to work as quickly and safely as possible.

  • Comprehensive care of work-related injuries ranging from simple lacerations to repetitive-use conditions and complex traumatic injuries
  • Work rehabilitation designed to incorporate work simulation activities and general conditioning to facilitate rapid return to work
  • Fully equipped physical and hand therapy departments staffed with work-related injury specialists

For information on OSMC’s recommended post-operative restrictions for common work-related conditions: Post-Operative Work Restriction Guidelines


Christopher Annis, MD
Anesthesiologist/Pain Management Physician

Locations: Elkhart, Middlebury

David Beatty, MD
Anesthesiologist/Pain Management

Locations: Elkhart, Nappanee, Goshen

Gene W. Grove, MD
Anesthesiologist/ Pain Management Physician

Locations: Elkhart, Middlebury

Jonathan Schrock, MD
Anesthesiologist/ Pain Management Physician


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